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"Discover the shocking truth about the xbox 360 fix red lights guides floating on the Internet...and whether the video tutorials can really help you fix your xbox 360 in under 1 hour!
Warning: Read before you waste your money..."

From the desk of: George Feelgood

Re: Should I get a refund for my xbox 360 fix red lights Guide?

Dear Friend,

Let's get something dead straight before we start.

I absolutely hate xbox 360 fix red lights guides...

Really, I do.

...And if you give me a few minutes you will find out why. But first, let's start with how I got here and why I'm writing this...

About six weeks back, I was about to ship my xbox 360 to Microsoft to fix what I discovered to be the xbox 360 red ring of death.

I had tried everything to fix this machine, including the wet towel and hair dryer method, without any success when I started receiving emails from my Fallout 3 online gaming challengers about a Video tutorial that could take me by the hand and show me step-by-step instructions on how to fix my xbox 360 in under 1 hour!

Now, I am no sucker, and I don’t just buy stuff based on flimsy recommendations, especially from guys who were gunning for my online points and planning to see me out of the online gaming community for a while.

I took this advice with a pinch of salt and did my own research.

If you’ve never heard of me, that’s great, and I plan to keep my gaming name and expertise that way!

However, the thought of spending the next 6 weeks without my xbox 360 console, and with winter fast approaching, not to mention that I had just upgraded my machine to the Alienware Area-51 7500 system (Intel Core 2 duo chip Extreme X6800), the prospect of spending a month and some weeks learning new farts absolutely terrified me!

So, like I was saying, I did my personal research into this Video tutorial website, and came up with a few other sites where I decided to buy and test drive their guides too, just for good measure.

I must admit, it did not take me an hour to fix my xbox 360, I’m way smarter than that…

I took most of the highly ranked how-to video guides on YouTube and Google and put them through a rigorous head-to-head match up to see which stood up to its claim and worth; in terms of accuracy, Video Clarity as well as customer service.

Just so you know, I purchased a few video guides because... well, the claims behind these guides ticked me off a bit, and I wanted to be the one that proved them wrong and claim all the glory and fame… I really wanted to raise hell out of these guys.

Without my xbox 360 to keep me company, you can say I had a few extra minutes on hand and the bottling farts idea wasn’t going anywhere fast enough!

When I checked out these websites and test-drove the video guides, one website and its xbox 360 fix red lights guide stood out from the rest and, I have to admit I was pretty impressed.

I am going to be totally honest with you...

At this point, I still thought to myself, "cool website, easy to understand English with no technical argon, 24/7 customer support and the kicker… No questions asked Money back guarantee!!!

Now, I am no cheap KMart Christmas giveaway trinket, and I love spending when the need necessitates, but I absolutely hate claims that do not deliver, and you end up growing grey hairs for just trying to get your money back.

But these guys, they had it all written in black and white…you don't get that many online tutors making this brazen guarantee, unless they're willing to put their word where their mouth is,... and that sold it for me right there.

So I decided to give these guys a chance, and downloaded the video guide...

But a few hours wasn't enough...

Did the Video Guide work? - Read On...

The problem is the xbox 360 fix red lights video guide is really the kind of step-by-step material you can spend a month with just brainstorming other ideas on how to make an extra income by personally helping fix your friends' xbox 360s within your community

Let me put it this way.

The step-by-step video guides and instructions were fascinating , informative and highly educational, ...even a cave man can do it!

As a result I am playing more games and more often than ever before on my xbox 360… I am not worried of the 3 rings of death, x-clamp, l-rod or whatever issues I might have with my console…

Now xbox 360 users everywhere have a reason to break out the party hats....

Now, unless you've been reading the chronicles of Nania, and are battling whether to send your console to Microsoft or fix it yourself with Aunt Judith's wet towel and hairdryer, then download this step-by-step video tutorial that has the ultimate xbox 360 fix red lights instructions, and thank me later...

To your entertainment gaming success...


Anonymous August 26, 2011 at 1:51 AM  

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